I wonder what does it mean?
Loneliness…that is!
Not that I am never alone
I am most of the time!
Even sitting on the dining table.
I feel alone many times!
Talking to friends and
Walking in the crowd…
Time and company immaterial
I can feel alone at any time !
But loneliness?…I always wonder
As to what is!



What happens when

You don’t see beyond your nose?

Ears also you choose to close?

What happens when

The democrat turns despot?

Reversing laws on the spot?

What happens when

HR champion abandons humanity?

Virtue is seen only in vanity!ramona-crisstea-1

What happens when

You lose your reasoning?

Power dictates end and beginning!

Sanest of the sane then becomes insane,

Highest values appear mundane.

Insanity with power banishes reason,

Opinions different are viewed as treason.

Crying children running in tatters,

And starving masses no longer matter.

Blood and flesh and bones scattered,

Wailing mothers to devil when mattered?

Even if one had time to stand and stare,

Nothing is visible but ballistic glare!

Human hypocrisy time and again exposed ,

Freedom is buried and humanity deposed!



You are a sweet rose,

Beautiful and elegant!

Your fragrance attracts people

From far and wide!

You are a sweet rose,

Lovable and attractive.

Your innocence exhorts

Every one to be protective.

Is there a soul

On this earth, so foul,

that doesn’t want you

by its side?

Wanting to hold thee,

and hide;

From the rest of the world?

Where you’ll remain,

Unknown, unheard;

May be unnoticed!

but not unwanted?



You promised surreptitiously

And failed,

To keep the promise;

I kept on waiting,

Like a fool possessed;

Oblivious of the fact that,

Some promises are made

Not to be kept!


The promise of the day

Meeting the night;

The promise of the sky

Meeting the earth;

The promise of two souls

becoming one!


And you

Only promised to come.

And I waited

Like a fool possessed;

Oblivious of the fact

That you may have

Endless valid reasons,

For not keeping the promise!



I kept waiting

Till eternity.

At least, So it seemed!


After a stealthy start,

It cascaded so fast;

Neither of us could realize,

If something was amiss;

Or else

We would’ve guarded

Against the imminent miseries,

But we couldn’t,

When it happened

Whatever it was,

We both enjoyed

Everything we shared;

We were so close

Yet so far!


In a bizarre way

We cherished

Even the distance,

After we parted

From each other;

(Or is it from us?)


I regret my inability

(or was it ours?)

To bridge the gap;

Emotional or physical:

I am not sure,

Are you?



As news of your arrival

In mother’s womb was broken;

We didn’t know who you’re

Daughter or a son.

Despite unsolicited suggestions

I stood my ground;

And what is your gender

Was not found.

Till the delivery day, that is,

And papa “hers” I became,

And not papa “his”!

To be honest with myself

And also with you;

There was a shock,

For a moment or two.

Today, when you turn

Towards your 13th spring;

I have immense satisfaction

(As if I am the king 😉

At the momentous decision

I took years ago;

Your sex in mother’s womb,

In refusing to know.