Lest I am blamed!

It is a story of little sparrow which most of you might have heard. The little sparrow was standing on beach of a giant ocean, hardly visible against the blue expanse. It was time and again dipping its tail into the water of the ocean and taking it out striking in the already wet sand. The process went on and on! Someone observing the action asked her as to what she was doing!

“I am trying to empty the ocean”

Surprised, the observer said “what you can never do it”!

“I know that,” pat came the reply.

“Then why you are wasting your time”?

“Lest I am blamed that I did not try”.

Most of us fail to take an action prejudging our failure to succeed. But we must learn that an effort for change has to  be made without thinking of the results. A single action may motivate others to join in, and who knows, the ocean may be emptied!

The action of the four Supreme Court judges has to be seen in that perspective. They have done a great service to the nation and made their little contribution for the sake of saving democracy in India. Are there people who can join in in to save the important pilaar of democracy?



HC ‘raps’ ex-judge for order on Punjab fake encounters

goes the title of one of the stories on the front page of The Tribune dated 27th November 2013. While this judgement itself needs to be challenged in the Supreme Court by some one, chances of the same are very remote. Who can take the cudgels against the state government, the omnipotent Punjab Police (so far as common man is concerned) and infallible judicial system of this ancient nation–all together? Nevertheless this quote from the judgement needs a closer scrutiny………The honorable bench , inter-alia , observes: ” The fact that Punjab Police went through a period of difficult times requiring special efforts to maintain law and order is well known and the police played a salutary role”. It goes on to add ” In this some excess may have been possible, but that does not make it a rule”

Bravo! My dear lords basking in the reflected glory of the achievements of the Police for telling us that human life is so cheap that no rules need to be followed for snuffing out the life of innocent people. It is hard to believe the members of this worthy bench were not aware of 25000 corpses that were disposed as unclaimed and rewards and promotions were given and accepted for those brave acts! Nor can they be so dumb as not to know that the person who uncovered the killing of 25000 innocent young boys himself became a victim of the insignificant “excesses” pardoned by the worthy judges! This judgement is going to embolden the already brutal police force and vendetta seeking politicians to break the law with even more impunity!