God only knows as to why

It happened like this?

So suddenly, yet firmly

You planted a kiss!


On my parched lips,

With the luscious tips;

Of your tongue, and

I fail to understand;

My fickle mindedness,

For giving you the access;

To violate my privacy.

Giving me inexplicable ecstasy!

God only knows why

It happened like this!




Fear of failure

If you want success, you must act. Remember “the longest journey starts with small step”. Remember also how you began walking when your were just an infant! You began to sit and then crawl and then, one fine morning you wanted to standup! You couldn’t! The moment you tried to stand you fell down…sometimes the fall was painful….at others someone held you just in time! Disregarding the pain you again tried and lo and behold! You could stand on your own! You started taking small steps and then ran and see….you might have become the fastest runner!

Tell me was it possible had you remembered the pain you fell down first time and refused to stand up and take the first step! No…not at all! The same simple logic applies to your success in academics and career today…the first step is important even if the fear of falling down (failure) lurks at the back of your mind! And failures will be there….what you need to guard against is the “fear of failure”. Let it not immobilize you! Let it not prevent you from trying! Make the effort…plunge into action…. God willing SUCCESS will be yours! Dread not the failure only “fear of failure!” God bless!