Stephen Hawking- The miracle that lived in 21st century!

Probably the legendary scientist did not believe in God but to those who believed, he was the living evidence of the existence of God. Although miracles occur every day for the believers, Hawking was a miracle even for non-believers, Diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21 years, andĀ  given only two years, he lived a meaningfully productive life till the age of 76! No, he did not live in a vegetative state. He was undoubtedly the most outstanding scientist on black holes and quantum theory. His efforts to synthesize both the theories required a brilliant brain which he had and used to the fullest capacity. He died a satisfied man. If this is not a miracle, what else can be?

Words fail me to describe the legendary scientist who was so positive despite his non-curable and progressive disability! Modern day man has to learn a lot from him!img_20161012_094507


Mama’s boy

He was always a ‘mama’s’ boy. I hope you know what I mean. I believe in Indian situation, every boy is a mama’s boy. The degree may differ. But he was a mama’s boy by choice. Like most Indian mothers his mother had sacrificed her lot of comfort for his happiness. Seeing her slog (not in the usual sense of the term) he had decided early in life that he would never let her down, come what may. Probably he had written the script for his life quite early!happiness vs unhappiness

As usual, the situation had to change after his marriage. But, although he supported his wife duly, whenever there was a conflict between the two ladies, he stood by his mother, even inviting the wrath of his wife. He did realize that sometimes his wife was more correct than his mother but he stood by his resolution steadfastly. He always thought his mother would not be alive forever…so he could make amends after she departs for her heavenly abode.

Obviously, life and death are not a wishful thinking. As luck would have their youthful time passed more quickly than it should have! When the old lady said final goodbye, they were in their fifties. Was it too late? He made another resolution ….not to let down his wife any more. But the young lady (no more so young) viewed everything suspiciously. Sometimes shocked, at others simply surprised! He would stand by her when she faced the children (now quite grown up), her parents and siblings, even his own relatives! Gradually she understood and started enjoying the new relationship! Jointly they would rue for the lost youthful time but they decided not to waste the time on the past.


You came stealthily

Like the rays of the morning sun;

Without any pretensions

Of conquering the world!

Yet, slowly but steadily

In your own, unassuming ways,

You overwhelmed me;

Like the morning rays

Engulf the world.

And then,

Akin to the morning rays

You withdrew, stealthily,

Slowly, but surely.

Perhaps it was silly of me

To hold them;

For morning rays belong to all,

Whoever bothers to care?

To own the morning rays

Let no one dare!

True to your words, you are not

What you appear to be;

You came stealthily,

Like the morning rays;

And left equally stealthily.

Leaving darkness behind.

And that is in your own words,

As you always are;

Morning rays will remain so,

Always, forever.

Ignorance is Bliss

Is it? I remember having read an essay with this title long back, when I was in school. I have forgotten the name of the author but it was a great name. One of the arguments he gave supporting the assertion was that how difficult it would be to pass time, or to live if we knew that we are going to die on a given date/time! Although we know that one day we have to do die, the ignorance of the exact date and time makes it a non relevant information. I agree with the author that knowing exact time would make our lives (for most people) really miserable.

Yet, like all “truth” this is also true only relatively. Ignorance compared with general knowledge cannot be bliss. Ignorance about the food that we eat can lead to disaster. While ignorance about the existence (or otherwise) of God may not really harm us bot ignorance about the ill effects of tobacco/alcohol can play havoc with our health and life and relationships! Ignorance about the emotional status of our near and dear ones can ruin the relationships and social fabric. Knowledge may not provideĀ  as much power as is believed but it does give us a chance to take relevantly wise decisions. Remember the earlier ignorance about the nature and natural events like rain and earthquake! Knowledge has made our life comfortable . No?

So let us try to to gain knowledge without believing the knowledge is the panacea for our problems. Ignorance mat really be bliss in some cases! Gain knowledge to know which ignorance is Bliss. GOD BLESS ALL!