Lest I am blamed!

It is a story of little sparrow which most of you might have heard. The little sparrow was standing on beach of a giant ocean, hardly visible against the blue expanse. It was time and again dipping its tail into the water of the ocean and taking it out striking in the already wet sand. The process went on and on! Someone observing the action asked her as to what she was doing!

“I am trying to empty the ocean”

Surprised, the observer said “what you can never do it”!

“I know that,” pat came the reply.

“Then why you are wasting your time”?

“Lest I am blamed that I did not try”.

Most of us fail to take an action prejudging our failure to succeed. But we must learn that an effort for change has to  be made without thinking of the results. A single action may motivate others to join in, and who knows, the ocean may be emptied!

The action of the four Supreme Court judges has to be seen in that perspective. They have done a great service to the nation and made their little contribution for the sake of saving democracy in India. Are there people who can join in in to save the important pilaar of democracy?



I wonder whether “Apologies” is the appropriate heading! Actually I do want to feel sorry for such a long absence which can be explained in many ways. The fact remains that I remained disconnected from my well wishers for so long and no apologies can fill that gap. I wish at least now I am a little more regular. I’ll try my best, friends but nothing can be guaranteed. So Here I go….Please bear with me for my lethargy!dsc_6803

Have a nice day

Hats of to Bloggers

What is this title? Many might be wondering but some might get immediately drawn to it. The later may be disappointed in the end while the former might rejoice “I told you so!” or “Didn’t I warn you?” But I warn both types to beware! Both may be disappointed!

I say “hats off to bloggers” to those bloggers who put in their blogs regularly – some of them more than one blog daily, even here on WordPress! I am off for days together , even months. Even when I log in I fail to get ideas that could be reproduced here. I am not sure I know the reason. May be I am born dumb! Then why I registered here? May be I am not creative enough but then 25 people might not have followed me. Though a small number but then even one follower is worth my salt! So? Is it plain laziness? Could be! But I have failed to shrug it off. It always overtakes my initiative. It always stops before I start. So today I took the courage to expose it. Nevertheless, Hats off to the Bloggers!


Strange title? Yes it might seem….Actually I wanted to write something but what should I write was not clear. So I decided the title this post as what. I wonder whether, in the end, I ‘ll be able to write something meaningful or it will turn out to be a blabber? Does it happen with you sometimes? Sometimes confusion seems to be ruling the roost. Should we always be rational or being irrational is OK…just for a change? In fact, we may be irrational most of the time but we don’t want to accept it ; so we go on rationalizing the irrational even at the cost of relationships. I for one would value the relationship more than my winning an argument. Doesn’t necessarily mean that I am actually doing so! But i want to ! Am I making a sense? OK…let us stop…enough is enough!

Fear of failure

If you want success, you must act. Remember “the longest journey starts with small step”. Remember also how you began walking when your were just an infant! You began to sit and then crawl and then, one fine morning you wanted to standup! You couldn’t! The moment you tried to stand you fell down…sometimes the fall was painful….at others someone held you just in time! Disregarding the pain you again tried and lo and behold! You could stand on your own! You started taking small steps and then ran and see….you might have become the fastest runner!

Tell me was it possible had you remembered the pain you fell down first time and refused to stand up and take the first step! No…not at all! The same simple logic applies to your success in academics and career today…the first step is important even if the fear of falling down (failure) lurks at the back of your mind! And failures will be there….what you need to guard against is the “fear of failure”. Let it not immobilize you! Let it not prevent you from trying! Make the effort…plunge into action…. God willing SUCCESS will be yours! Dread not the failure only “fear of failure!” God bless!