I wonder whether “Apologies” is the appropriate heading! Actually I do want to feel sorry for such a long absence which can be explained in many ways. The fact remains that I remained disconnected from my well wishers for so long and no apologies can fill that gap. I wish at least now I am a little more regular. I’ll try my best, friends but nothing can be guaranteed. So Here I go….Please bear with me for my lethargy!dsc_6803

Have a nice day


Non-verbal Communication

As we all know communication is a unique human capability that raises the Homo Sapiens above the rest of the animal kingdom. Normally communication is said to have two aspects : Verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Hoping that most of the readers are aware of the nitty-gritty of both, I am only going to highlight the un-intended negative effects of some non-verbal aspects of communication, other than body language. I call this behavioral communication.

Suppose some one has called you up on mobile. For some reason you are not in a position to take the call. Later on, deliberately or unintentionally you omit to call back. What will the other person think? Suppose he calls again and you omit to call back again. Obviously the second time it cannot be unintentional. Finally when you do make a contact the other person is bound to complain. If you do not admit your fault gracefully, a misunderstanding is bound to creep into the relationship.

Take another example…one of your friends has visited you three four time and you decide or omit to repay the visit, he is most likely to interpret your behaviour in two ways: one, you do not like his visits ; second, you do not give much importance to the relationship!. And if proper amendments are not made, the relationship is likely to snap…sooner or later!

So be careful about your non-verbal communication that is, behaviour. You might be doing it unintentionally but how is the other person supposed to know? Keep the relationships well oiled by appropriate responses!

Think before you speak…really?…should I?

An American investigative journalist, Katherine Boo said “Much of what was said did not matter, and that much of what mattered could not be said”. A great quot….isn’t it?
In my opinion What she says is the real dilemma in today’s fast moving world. Often we miss what we want to convey and more often we say what we never wanted to say. Ever wondered whence this confusion comes from? In my opinion it is the result of the speed with which we want to unburden ourselves…and probably, want to burden the listener! The fast food syndrome has really engulfed our lives. Quick results is what matters. And often, the speed results in delay. Be patient….some decades ago patience used to be a great virtue but no more. Now it is taken as sign of inefficiency. But let us forget as to what the world thinks of us or our competence…let us, for our own sake, return to the golden rule of patience and see the results! “Think before you speak”, our elders used to say!