Anger Management

Poesy plus Polemics

showgreetingcardpreview “Wizzlewump” by Frank Robert Dixon

(Regarding the plethora of hateful memes on social media)

which colophon appoints the page
of burning words and seething rage

the imprint of fair justice failed
or bitterness that can’t be veiled

the lines we publish tell of us
cool judgment or hot animus

our pens put forth two types of ink
one reasoned one that doesn’t think

which canon shall we leave behind
discordant rants or hymns of mind

persuasion comes a noble art
when diligence has played its part

convincing wrong of what is right
requires truth be brought to light

but outbursts of emotion die
on thoughtless pages where they lie

our book would best advance debate
when not compelled to denigrate

ad hominems will poorly brace
the argument that makes the case

last refuge of a mindless ire
paragraphs conceived in fire

rationale when laid down well
with facts will give…

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