What happens when

You don’t see beyond your nose?

Ears also you choose to close?

What happens when

The democrat turns despot?

Reversing laws on the spot?

What happens when

HR champion abandons humanity?

Virtue is seen only in vanity!ramona-crisstea-1

What happens when

You lose your reasoning?

Power dictates end and beginning!

Sanest of the sane then becomes insane,

Highest values appear mundane.

Insanity with power banishes reason,

Opinions different are viewed as treason.

Crying children running in tatters,

And starving masses no longer matter.

Blood and flesh and bones scattered,

Wailing mothers to devil when mattered?

Even if one had time to stand and stare,

Nothing is visible but ballistic glare!

Human hypocrisy time and again exposed ,

Freedom is buried and humanity deposed!


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