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Poesy plus Polemics

prison_window_abstract_cell_pattern_architectural_painting “Prison Window” by Kazuya Akimoto
pain is prison

a solitaire cell

pharmaceutical keys

don’t fit all its locks

a life sentence

imposed I suppose

by bad choices

genetics and one

distrait surgeon

I’d strangle if only

he’d left me a

semblance of strength

so I sit never stand

in this punishing place

in my bio-austerity

missing the mercy of sleep

finding solace in

laying down words

by the light of a

fortunate window

through which

I observe the old age

that might have been mine

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God only knows as to why

It happened like this?

So suddenly, yet firmly

You planted a kiss!


On my parched lips,

With the luscious tips;

Of your tongue, and

I fail to understand;

My fickle mindedness,

For giving you the access;

To violate my privacy.

Giving me inexplicable ecstasy!

God only knows why

It happened like this!




You promised surreptitiously

And failed,

To keep the promise;

I kept on waiting,

Like a fool possessed;

Oblivious of the fact that,

Some promises are made

Not to be kept!


The promise of the day

Meeting the night;

The promise of the sky

Meeting the earth;

The promise of two souls

becoming one!


And you

Only promised to come.

And I waited

Like a fool possessed;

Oblivious of the fact

That you may have

Endless valid reasons,

For not keeping the promise!



I kept waiting

Till eternity.

At least, So it seemed!


After a stealthy start,

It cascaded so fast;

Neither of us could realize,

If something was amiss;

Or else

We would’ve guarded

Against the imminent miseries,

But we couldn’t,

When it happened

Whatever it was,

We both enjoyed

Everything we shared;

We were so close

Yet so far!


In a bizarre way

We cherished

Even the distance,

After we parted

From each other;

(Or is it from us?)


I regret my inability

(or was it ours?)

To bridge the gap;

Emotional or physical:

I am not sure,

Are you?



As news of your arrival

In mother’s womb was broken;

We didn’t know who you’re

Daughter or a son.

Despite unsolicited suggestions

I stood my ground;

And what is your gender

Was not found.

Till the delivery day, that is,

And papa “hers” I became,

And not papa “his”!

To be honest with myself

And also with you;

There was a shock,

For a moment or two.

Today, when you turn

Towards your 13th spring;

I have immense satisfaction

(As if I am the king 😉

At the momentous decision

I took years ago;

Your sex in mother’s womb,

In refusing to know.