March towards Happiness

Happiness is one factor that motivates almost every one on this earth. But whatever you achieve, whatever you become, howsoever rich you may become, it is not worth it if you do not enjoy good healthy life. Conversely, to enjoy anything in life, that is, to be really happy you ought to have good health. So, first step to wards happiness is ‘good health’. This journey begins with good nutritious food. Avoid junk food always ab-initio! Second step towards good health is to have a regular walk and exercise…preferably in the morning before sunrise. But evening walk is reasonably good too. The point is to encourage the metabolism in the body to digest the food you have taken.

Today is the life of running around, of consumerism, of collecting mementos which may not be needed at all. You are continuously  bombarded with promos “buy now pay later”. You get numerous phone call to increase the limit of your credit cards as if it will also increase your income. And second step,  very important at that, towards happiness is to beware against these temptations. If you want to be happy in life always, learn to ‘cut your coat according to the cloth’ available. If you have an income of 100 units, spend only 99. The moment you start spending 101 against an earning of 100, you have laid the foundation for unhappy life! Learn to be contended in life.


These two steps, namely, good health and careful spending will keep you healthy and wealthy because wisdom you have already demonstrated!


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