Everybody wants happiness. True? At least I believe that no one in this universe is averse to being happy. I also believe that whatever we do is to inch towards happiness. But the goal seems elusive to many, if not most, people. Why it is so? May be because we do not know as to what do we want from our lives! Is it money and wealth? Is it material affluence? Is it fame and popularity? Is it loving relationships? Is it family? Is it society? The list is never ending and until we clarify within our mind as to what is the goal of my life, we cannot be happy!

An infant is happy when it can stand on its own feet unsupported! A 1st class student is happy when he learns the first alphabets and initial number but the happiness quotient keeps on changing! This ever changing quotient becomes the root cause for never ending unhappiness . We all know that happiness is within us yet we go on searching for it outside. Let us be clear that happiness cannot be outsourced! It has to be grown within! In my opinion only contentment can make our happiness permanent!


The belief in God and and the conviction that He is there to take care of my troubles is a soothing feeling that leads to happiness.


Books are Life



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