Forgiving Is Easy: The Light Between Oceans

We always have a choice

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

It has been a long time since I’ve cried while reading a book. However, it happened recently when I finished The Light Between Oceans (2012) by M. L. Stedman. I did not just leak a few tears. I sobbed.


I found out about the book from a movie trailer. The book is a movie now, and it looks like a good movie. I decided to read the book first. I’m so glad I did. It is usually my policy to do so.

The book is about Tom and Isabel Sherbourne who care for a lighthouse on Janus island near Partageuse, Australia. The two are young newlyweds, and the first part of the book goes back in time to apprise readers of their romance. Tom is a veteran of WWI and he’s the strong, silent type. Izzy is fun loving, daring, and adventurous. They marry and live at the lighthouse, sometimes…

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