Wicked Girls

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

What happens when two children who murdered another child together grow up, are released from prison, and then find each other again?

That is the premise of Alex Marwood’s thriller The Wicked Girls (2012). My sister Afton recommended it to me, and I’m glad she did. I could not put it down.

The book flashes back to the past, explaining the crime that Bel and Jade committed together when they were 11. It is gruesome and heartbreaking, and from these flashbacks, we get a sense of how awful they must have been to become child murderers.


However, as the book progresses, we learn from the flashbacks that the story might be more complicated that it seems on the surface. Was there intent? Could other circumstances have led to the child’s death that create some doubt about the wickedness of Bel and Jade?

The narrative that takes place in the present…

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