Hats of to Bloggers

What is this title? Many might be wondering but some might get immediately drawn to it. The later may be disappointed in the end while the former might rejoice “I told you so!” or “Didn’t I warn you?” But I warn both types to beware! Both may be disappointed!

I say “hats off to bloggers” to those bloggers who put in their blogs regularly – some of them more than one blog daily, even here on WordPress! I am off for days together , even months. Even when I log in I fail to get ideas that could be reproduced here. I am not sure I know the reason. May be I am born dumb! Then why I registered here? May be I am not creative enough but then 25 people might not have followed me. Though a small number but then even one follower is worth my salt! So? Is it plain laziness? Could be! But I have failed to shrug it off. It always overtakes my initiative. It always stops before I start. So today I took the courage to expose it. Nevertheless, Hats off to the Bloggers!


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