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The little girl is back. She tells me I can’t do it and I believe her. She tells me that It’s too difficult and I know that’s true. She tells me things that give me anxiety. But she’s me isn’t she? Another version of me? The version of me that wants to help me but […]

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I have stopped watching TV news for a long time except for a few minutes daily…I feel like stopping the newspaper reading also…it is so disgusting!….Aman

If you ask me what I want, I’ll tell you. I want everything.

Kathy Acker

Pirates fascinated American novelist Kathy Acker (born April 18, 1947). As a child, she longed to leave home and join a pirate crew, but she worried her gender—not to mention her age—would prevent this dream. Instead, she found her escape in books.

I believed that books might save him because I knew they had so far, and because I knew the people books had saved.

Rebecca Makkai

Happy birthday, Rebecca Makkai! The Borrower, her first book, took readers on a crazy road trip with a children’s librarian and a ten-year-old bookworm. It was a Booklist Top Ten Debut.