They want me to kill my soul!

Who are they? My enemies ? NO! They are my friends, relatives and other near and dear ones! They are my brothers and sisters, my sons and daughters, my parents, my better half and all others who actually have my own safety in their minds. They are worried about me when I speak against the government (or on any current issue that is controversial) on the electronic media! They are concerned when my article appears in the newspapers/magazines! They are scared like hell when I receive a phone call opposing my views! And they all get together and try to convince me about the futility of this all. Can you change anything single-handedly? they ask! Who will come to your defense if some comes and confronts you?

I try to convince them that Christ was alone when he challenged the bigotry; so was Guru Nanak when he challenged Babar, the Mogul invader. I try to impress upon them the fact that seekers of and advocates of truth are always lonely people. The entire human history is replete with umpteen examples! “Dont you realize that most of them had to lose their life for taking sided of truth”, they argue! “So what “, I try to look strong enough. But they are not willing to listen. They try to force their cowardice on me . “What do you gain out of it?”…Cheap popularity? Not even that ” They try to touch a raw nerve.

But they fail to see that their concern for saving me (my body) is not worth it because the body is going to perish, sooner or later! They dont want to be told that the soul is more important than the body. They also fail to imagine my miserable life with my soul killed. They all want to kill my soul and save my body and earn life long misery!


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