Dr. Jaswant Singh Neki

The world renowned neurologist and former director of PGI passes away. Why I decide to write an obituary for him is that despite his (literally) towering personality and matching achievements, he was a down to earth humble human being. Always smiling, willing to listen to you and patronizing without giving you any burden to bear. Had an occasion to meet him on a few functions which glittered due his presence and simplicity. He used small, simple sentences while addressing and made small incidents appear momentous learning points for ordinary mortals.
I have a personal reason to be sad at his demise. He was one of the few stalwarts who acknowledged the receipt of my book “Anand Anand sbh ko kahai” and read it. He had also made it a point to appreciate my effort. Today, we do not have such role models in our society, particularly the Sikhs. This is a sad occasion for all of us, more so for Sikhs! But I regret having not seen much on the Facebook about his passing away.


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