Stress: A Necessary Evil!

Stress is a mental state under which a person feels incompetent to deal with the situation he finds himself in. The situation may develop due to some of his own actions or it may be a fate-accomplice, that is, it is forced upon him. Stress develops because of his ‘perception’ of his inadequacy to deal with the situation. The important aspect or the key parameter is the ‘perception’ of the inadequacy/situation and not the realty or factual position!

It is said that stress by itself is not always bad or harmful – what is harmful is its long term persistence. In fact some stress is essential to keep the life moving. If there is no stress, the world would come to stand still. Stress within manageable limits actually acts as a motivator. It is called Eu-stress in psychological language.It can be compared to the string of the bow and arrow. If the string of the bow is not stretched and strained upto a given point, no arrow can be shot….and if it is stretched too far, or beyond a limit, it will snap.

That is why stress is considered a necessary evil.


One thought on “Stress: A Necessary Evil!

  1. Manpreet says:

    So true!..I need stress to pass my exams!😂
    Stretch, strain and breaking my point…omg! This is what I’m studying in physics right not!
    Great post! Thanks! 😊

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