Fear of success

But it is true …some people do suffer from this strange syndrome. As a couplet says : मुश्किल था इक तो यूँ ही इश्क की बाज़ी को जीतना कुछ जीतने के खौफ से हारे चले गए! (It was in any case difficult to win this game of love…on top of it i kept losing for fear of winning). The status-quo is so familiar to most of us, it is so comfortable, so soothing that we rarely want to to come out of it!

Success, on the other hand involves essential change…may be additional responsibilities too and possible dislocation or relocation! As we don’t want to come out of our comfort zones, we may feel the fear of success! As they say say “the devil I know is better than the devil I don’t know”.

Sometimes it may be the childhood experiences that hold us back. Particularly the feed back of our parents/elders to the effect that we are good for nothing. Such comments are inscribed on our sub conscious (even conscious) mind like a script. Our mind fails to move out of the script like the villain of Hindi movies!

To beat this Fear of Success we need to review and re plan and rewrite the script which is time consuming and tedious job. But not impossible. So let us dare!


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