Fear – don’t let it immobilize you!

Fear they say is a natural feeling which comes when your anxious about something or some situation. It is the proverbial egg or chicken first paradox. Does fear come because of anxiety or it is the other way round? I dare surmise that anxiety precedes fear. Sometimes it may be the other way round. The fact remains that it equips you to face the danger. The historical reaction to fear has always been flight or fight. Both help you to save yourself. So, in a way fear serves as a great motivator. I daresay that most of the human development is the result of this flight or fight syndrome of fear.

But we need to assure that fear does not immobilize us. Flight here is not to be taken as an act of cowardice. The first duty of life is to save life! So if flight helps us to remain alive, fly we must. The decision to fly involves accurate analysis of our strengths and weaknesses to face the situation. There is no point in fighting with the tiger without adequate tools. Of course if the flight option is foreclosed, there is no alternative! Self awareness, therefore, becomes of utmost importance. Let us be aware of our strengths and weaknesses and use fear as motivator and not let it immobilize us!


One thought on “Fear – don’t let it immobilize you!

  1. M_Kaur says:

    Very well said! After all, fear is why I pass my exams!🙈

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