Destroy me 

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Of life she writes.

You have the power to destroy me

You have the ability to take me apart and break me in half

You’re just a man

You shouldn’t have so much hold over me

But your hands are wrapped around me, even when we’re miles apart

And my lips are on yours even miles away

And I’m with you even when I’m not

And your presence lingers inside of me even when you’re not

And you


You are so much in my head that I can’t get you out

Even when I want to get you out.

Even when I want to forget you


I can’t

You have so much power

You can kill me withone word

With one move

You can destroy my insides and leave my outer shell intact

You can ….

Destroy me

You don’t know it

You don’t see it, perhaps?

You don’t see the way…

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