For you 

Make Love the glue….every thing will fall in place!

Of life she writes.

I loved you.

I thought I’d always be with you.

I thought you and me were meant to be.

I thought that we could fix us

I carried a bottle of crazy glue everywhere I went so I could piece us back together

I thought that would work

That the glue would seal all of our cracks and cover all of our vulnerable crevices.

I thought the glue was enough

I thought we were safe

I thought that we were a we and not just a me and you

I thought it was goin to be harder to leave you and go off on my own.

I thought we were one

But we weren’t

We aren’t.

I’m sorry but my crazy glue ran out.

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What happens when a person dies?

The body remains and the soul flies.

Flies to where?

Nobody knows……

Guesses, surmises everyone throws!

Beliefs galore that it goes to God,

Where Almighty spares not the rod!

To hell he sends the corrupted ones

Heaven’s reserved for those chosen.

“Wicked” souls abound in hell

Scream, cry, in pain they yell.

Some are hung upside down

Roasted, till they turn brown.

Some are lynched with eyes blown

Others are boiled in oil cauldron!

Heaven bound souls enjoy the bounty

Liquor and fruits and milk plenty.

“Hoors”* shower with never ending love

Massage and bathe in perfumed tubs.

Scare of hell and hope for heaven

Provides the people with enough motivation.

To curb their selfish lustful desires

And be good Samaritans till they reach pyres.

Futile rituals with body remain

Out of which the souls nothing gain.

Elaborate procedures we have designed

Dead are buried or to flames consigned.

Some embalm the mortal remains

Others create a watery grave;

Oblivious to the truth that’s all in vain

Whatever we do the truth remains;

Dust we are and to dust return

Whether we bury or whether we burn.

*Hoors—beautiful girls.