Let wisdom overtake!

RSS activists, including its chief have become very vocal since BJP came to power. I wish they had used their voice FOR India rather than for dividing the poor people of this once great nation. Some people have defended Bhagwat’s tirade against Mother Theressa by blaming media that had “ignored” good work of RSS. But let them remember that BJP came to power because of the same biased media! I feel, even if media had ignored their good work, Mohan Bhagwat’s tirade against Mother Theressa is unwarranted! We were taught in school that two wrongs never make a right! We were also taught that in stead of singling other person’s sins, you should project your own good deeds! I am sure Bhagwat studied in the same schools. How can he forget these gems?

As regards media, they have totally eclipsed Bhagat Puran Singh. Even recently when the SGPC and other Sikh organizations put in their effort for J&K floods , the media totally ignored them. However, whenever a misguided youth brandishes a sword he is projected every where, even out of context. Sikhs have paid a heavy price for media bias. IN fact Punjab problem of 1980s was the creation of a particular media group. Many friends here may not agree with me but that is the truth as Sikhs see it! Indian history , even modern, has a lot to straighten. Not likely to happen in our lifetime! In fact minorities’ view is often colored by the media negatively and most of the majority population accepts it as the gospel truth!

It is the duty of of the saner members of every group.community/ religion to educate the masses who get carried away by the likes of Bhagwat without even understanding what he is saying! I believe people like Bhagwat in all communities should practice the old gem “think before you speak!”


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