Mother Language Day and India

Today is Mother Language day and CBSE (The organization controlling school education in India) has directed the schools to celebrate this day by holding different competitions. Most Indian schools find themselves in a dilemma as they have only encouraged speaking of English during school hours. They have been punishing the students for speaking in their mother tongue or Hindi which is the official language of the state. Isn’t it shameful? I wonder what is the take of RSS and other such organizations which swear by greatness of Indian culture….Will they take up cudgels against this colonial mindset of preventing students from speaking their mother tongue?

I am also appalled at some Principals of the elite schools opposing these directives and asserting “students speak their mother tongue at their homes …so it is not necessary for them to speak it in the school!” They go on to proclaim ” If the students are allowed to speak in mother tongue even in school, how will they be fluent is speaking English” Slaves…slaves…slaves of the colonial mentality! And nobody dares them ask as to why it is so important to speak “fluent” English! These “educated” worthies ignore the opinion of experts who have demonstrated beyond doubt that a student learns best in his mother language!


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