Sikhs in Ideological Limbo

Sikhs seem to be in ideological limbo despite having the world’s best philosophy in the form of Guru Granth Sahib. They seem to be tying themselves in knots every day. While half literate “devoted” (shrdhavan ) preachers are having a free rope in confusing the masses, the rational, educated intellectuals (who want to convey the real massage of the Sikh Gurus) fail to get stages and audience because even the gurdwara managements want the rituals to continue! They are not bothered about Gurmat (Guru’s wisdom) because even the devotees are interested in easy ‘deliverance’ through rituals instead of through following the “hard path” of following the teachings of the Gurus!
So many organizations claiming to be Panthak have mushroomed in Punjab (particularly Ludhiana) but most seem to be giving only lip service to Gurmat. They gloat in their self proclaimed “good work” but even they don’t permit any “controversial issue” to be raised from their stages! They highlight single examples of youth turning to Sikhism but refuse to comment when shown mass patits, drunkards and drug addicts! They fail to confront and own their failures in curbing the waywardness among the youth!


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