Human Dignity

Is there a difference between Hinduism and Hindutva? Is it necessary that all Indians be Hindus? This take has to be taken by the ordinary Indian dispassionately. Enough of secularism, pseudo secularism and and out right communal ism! By all! The majority community has greater responsibility in ensuring national harmony! Expecting that minorities will crawl before the jungle rule is a great mistake we’ll be making!But that does not mean that minorities do anything that goes against the human values! They to have to reconsider their options and choices and be constructive in their approach.
But PM Modi is not doing any service to the nation by keeping mum on the controversial pronouncements of his supporters! His silence is sending the wrong messages!
Human dignity is beyond compromise, irrespective of the caste creed and color…even religion! Even animals have their dignity and creation of various animal protection organizations prove that we humans are sensitive to this issue. How can we, therefore, ignore demeaning of human beings in the name of nationalism and patriotism? Let us all think and unite against the hypocrites who have taken a conscious decision to go against humanity!


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