Humility has limitations!

Some times some people have great qualities/skills which if they share with people can improve the society greatly. But it is noticed that they hesitate to share their qualities out of sheer humility. Humility is no doubt a great virtue but beyond a point it is meaningless. As we all know most people grow by imitating others. So, I feel, it is the duty of everyone to acquaint others with his/her positive qualities and not hide them.

Similarly, some people hesitate to share their skills, particularly if their own kids have not followed them! I believe every one is responsible for his/her deeds/misdeeds. No one needs to take extra burden on that account! So, even if your close ones have gone against what you believe/ preach, go on to share your beliefs. Keep enriching the society with positive thoughts. Who knows even those who have gone wayward may also return seeing your steadfastness?


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