No ill-will for Smriti Irani but…

There is lot of hullabaloo about the educational qualification of Smriti Irani, the new HRD minister at the center, who will also be looking after education also. Surprisingly many people are supporting her posting declaring that education is not important for being a minister, even an education minister. They quote Bill Gates and Stephen Jobb as examples for the college dropouts making a great success. They may be right in a way but please go on to read further:


My daughter recently completed her Ph. D. in biochemistry in October 2014 burning midnight oil for five long years. You all know before one has to do her graduation and then post graduation in the same subject….another five years. But there seems no scope for any employment in the University as a lecturer as the state government has not recruited any teachers for the past almost ten years. Vacancies are there but no appointment? Why? Because in Punjab also we have the tradition of matriculates heading Education and Higher education ministries…the Tota and Malookas! How can such people understand the pain of the unemployed post graduates/ doctorates who do not even know how a graduation degree is obtained?


Know what? After putting so much effort and my hard earned money my daughter is LUCKY to get an assignment @ 14000pm as research fellow in a UGC project…Thanks to the policies made by such BRIGHT people she has to apply for fresh appointment every six months although the project is at least for three years duration. As she is a fresh appointee every six months, she cannot claim a job as a right! Government for the people ? My foot!


I feel pained and curse myself when I see my daughter despondently looking at me as it was me who advised her to go for the doctorate instead of B. Ed. How I wish I had forced her to do some diploma after +2. By now she would have been married and earned a few lacs as well as some promotions. Bravo my Indian brothers . Many of you might be in the same boat as I am…but because we are happy at OUR party having won the elections, we must support all their decisions irrespective of the merit!