Are we fit for democracy?



As I entered the office of a close friend, he enthusiastically asked,

“whom are you voting”?

On my saying “Phoolka” he looked flabbergasted and asked “why”?

“why not?”, I countered.

“He is not going to win” came the pat reply.

“so what?”

“Why you waste your vote?”

“So, you will prefer to vote for a “winning” candidate even if the party he belongs to has done immense damage to the cause of Sikhism, and, even Punjab?”


There was no reply for a moment and then he began to rattle out various statistics to convince me to avoid “wasting” my vote.  I wondered whether we are fit for a democracy where a vote to the losing candidate is considered a waste of vote? Are not such people (who outnumber those who think otherwise greatly) actually responsible for the mess all around? It is a sorry state of affairs and disgusting to say the least!


2 thoughts on “Are we fit for democracy?

  1. sunjaykumar says:

    You are right… voting is not about following the crowd, but making the best choice you can. Though, I won’t say if we are not fit for democracy. Every nation is fit for democracy, because that is the best form of governance. The problem starts when people don’t understand the true meaning of democracy.

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