United States and Modi!

The newspapers carry a story that USA has made a U-turn in respect of Modi- the BJP prime minister candidate fir the next Lok Sabha election. It is certainly surprising. I wonder what has forced USA to change its mind? For nine long years it even refused Visa to Modi to visit that nation! WHAT HAS CHANGED! ACTUALLY NOTHING! To me, it only reaffirms my stand that all talk of justice, human rights and other such ethical issues is just a sham…to arm twist the parties that don’t cater to the needs of the Uncle Sam. In fact every body, including Uncle Sam is guide by its financial interests! Whenever there is a threat to these interests , any compromise can be made! So, seeing the possibility (HOWEVER REMOTE) of Modi becoming the next PM, the super power has behaved like a mouse- scary that he may hurt the economy of the great nation.

Another question that raises its head in this aftermath is: does this wash off Modi’s sins? This is an important question to be pondered over. While Modi supporters are already gloating over this new development, Modi-baiters are little nervous that this may vindicate the position of the opposing parties. Does it mean that truth and ethics are at the mercy of the powerful, in this case USA? By believing so, we are giving an uncalled for power to them! A wrong is a wrong until it is rectified by the perpetrator. It is a pity that Indian politics  is so polarized as to define right or wrong on party basis . Let us beware and not fall a prey to this fallacious idea! THE SINS STAND IRRESPECTIVE OF THE PARTY WILLING TO OVERLOOK THEM!




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