Man is a social animal. Probably, the relations between the individual and the society are defined on the basis of this premise. But this assumption does not seem to have been put to test till date. However, frequently occurring cracks in the social relationships and intentional and sometimes seemingly willful violation of social norms tend to put a question mark on this basic premise of social existence. If man is indeed a social animal, why he has started enjoying breaking the social norms/relations? Why the society is persistently failing to keep the individual members committed to the social norms, laws and customs? Can it be explained away by dubbing it as ‘generation gap’ only? Is the individual for the society or vice versa? Is it justified to break the social norms just for individual gratification? Simple yes/ no answers may not satisfactorily answer these questions! Keeping in mind the ever-increasing demand for individual freedom, it has become imperative to evaluate and redefine some of these norms. But most stakeholders have opted to overlook the problem. Educated and so called enlightened people often turn to legal solutions for every problem. Of late, it has been felt that even the governments are keen to impose law only, overlooking the social aspects. But is it logical and justified? Mostly this approach has created additional problems.

The Social Animal (David Brooks book)

The Social Animal (David Brooks book) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An important difference of human beings from other animals is their emotions and faculty to have feelings like love, hate, pride, esteem, sacrifice, happiness; sadness etc. Can an individual devoid of all such feeling be called human? Unfortunately, legal systems encourage decisions on facts and not feelings. Divorce is a legal solution if the spouses do not enjoy cordial relations. But is it a solution to the problem? This legal right was available even fifty years ago but it was rarely enforced. The partners compromised their individual freedom and surrendered their legal rights for the welfare of the children. It is possible that some individuals did suffer on account of this arrangement but mostly, the children benefited and were saved from facing the consequences of broken families. But these days number of divorces has increased manifold. This certainly has a great negative impact on the children. Despite the fact that they may not suffer financially because of the working mothers, they certainly suffer psychologically. This proves a great hindrance in balanced development of their personality, resulting in sores on the body social which later on have to be removed by using legal scalpel at a great cost to the society. Could it not be prevented?

Gorillas and other higher primates are noted a...

Gorillas and other higher primates are noted as having similarly complex social structures. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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