2013- As felt!

The year 2013 departs with a sense of mixed feelings. It began very promisingly but then, gradually turned into the usual “another year” syndrome. Some may say that I failed to cash on the opportunities and some may say I was myself lethargic or unclear of my goals or lacked effort…whatever …and many more things. The most important question is “How do I feel at the end of the year!” Do I really feel anything? Not really sure!


Daggers already seem drawn by some- “How can I not feel anything?” But I never said that I don’t feel anything ! Only, I am unable to verbalize the feelings…unable to find the right…no…appropriate words. How dumb! some might exclaim! “And he claims to be a writer; an expert on human behaviour!” Yes I do…but despite that words desert me…i mean, appropriate words. No dictionary or thesaurus can help! But yes a feeling of emptiness is there…sometimes it turns into despondency, inadequacy and even failure. But suddenly there seems fulfillment, strength (enough to catch the new year bull from the horns, as they say) and power. What to say and what not to say?


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