Beauty and the Eye of the Beholder

This is the title of one of my earlier blogs. I feel it needs some reinterpretations. I dont intend to convey a feeling that this statement is incorrect. My intention is only to convey that its usage has bee “prostitutionalised” so much that many times it is used to justify certain actions which morally and ethically unwarranted. The statement is very much true and applicable when used, say, to express one’s views on some natural scenery. For example, someone may not like black clouds while someone else may see them very beautiful.  Even the same person may not interpret a particular vision always in the same way. So beauty may actually lie not in the eyes of the beholder but his moods! 

But the same cannot be said about a vulgar painting or suggestive pelvic actions in the films which has no bearing on the storyline. We cannot hide behind the statement in such situations. The impressionistic children ought to be protected from such vulgarities.




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