In “The Discovery of India”, J.L. Nehru describes how East India Company took charge of India. It is astonishing to learn as to how a handful of merchants hoodwinked the entire nation that boast of being the oldest civilization into submission…..And we talk of Chanakya neeti now! Pt Nehru fails to explain as to why we failed to implement this political thought which recommends unabashed use of “saam, daam, dand, bhed” to acquire political power. One reason I can think of , which Pt. Nehru also hints at but does not buy wholeheartedly, is that India was not a unit …a NATION …It was divided into thousands of self proclaimed municipalities who had very little common interest in protecting the nation from the outsiders. They were only interested in their own welfare for which they made pacts with them at the cost of others.

India seems same even today. Every state wants to be independent of the center for everything except for central grants. Every caste wants India for its own members…every religion detests members of the other religions. I wonder where is the INDIA-the great nation? Despite the claims of the politicians of all hues, half of the population does make both ends meet! Most don’t have a root on their heads, no health care worth the name, no education. I wonder who is growing at 8% per annum ?


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