Beauty and the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder has become a cliche– mostly meaningless. Every undesirable action, thought, opinion, picture is brushed under this carpet. This statement would like us to believe that everything in this world is beautiful- only one has to have an eye to appreciate it. Conversely it is your fault if you declare anything ugly or obscene! But we all know that EVERYTHING  in this world is NOT BEAUTIFUL! Ugliness is as much a part of life , however undesirable it may be. Looking at from  another angle, what is beauty if there is no ugliness? Something is beautiful only because something else is ugly! Why do we want to evade facing this reality of ugliness? It should be realised that, like every other value, opinion or observation, this too can not be absolute! It does not apply always. There are occasions, incidents, and things when the ugliness has to be noticed. There will always be certain things that will remain ugly….What is, for example, beautiful in the rape of an innocent beautiful girl? Should this misfortune be painted on a canvass, can any beauty be found in it? What is beautiful in the gutter water? Much mess in our society today seems to be the result of such relativism. When everything is passed over as an art piece where onus of finding the beauty is passed on to the beholder’s eye!

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