2013- As felt!

The year 2013 departs with a sense of mixed feelings. It began very promisingly but then, gradually turned into the usual “another year” syndrome. Some may say that I failed to cash on the opportunities and some may say I was myself lethargic or unclear of my goals or lacked effort…whatever …and many more things. The most important question is “How do I feel at the end of the year!” Do I really feel anything? Not really sure!


Daggers already seem drawn by some- “How can I not feel anything?” But I never said that I don’t feel anything ! Only, I am unable to verbalize the feelings…unable to find the right…no…appropriate words. How dumb! some might exclaim! “And he claims to be a writer; an expert on human behaviour!” Yes I do…but despite that words desert me…i mean, appropriate words. No dictionary or thesaurus can help! But yes a feeling of emptiness is there…sometimes it turns into despondency, inadequacy and even failure. But suddenly there seems fulfillment, strength (enough to catch the new year bull from the horns, as they say) and power. What to say and what not to say?


The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.

Václav Havel


December 29, 1989: Czech playwright Vaclav Havel continued to be a champion of human rights and free speech even as he became the president of Czechoslovakia, 24 years ago today.

The salvation …

Funny, when you finally faced reality, it was amazing how clearly you could see things.

Mary Higgins Clark

84th birthday, Mary Higgins Clark! The mystery and suspense writer has penned almost 50 books, but she has other interests as well. Clark is a part owner of the New Jersey Nets and recently purchased a seat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Funny, when yo…

The Tussle

Fog in Seattle

Fog in Seattle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dense and obstinate,

refuses to relent

Day after day,

Seeming victor

Against the burning Sun,

Converted into shadow, listless!

The Sun

Seemingly withdrawn,

and lukewarm

Emerges the true victor;

Obviously at work

Behind the screen.

Relentless in its own way!

The tussle has gone on

English: A sun illuminated waymarker Towards i...

English: A sun illuminated waymarker Towards its lower edge the forest is dense and dark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

year after year

For ages, since the

Creation of the universe –

And , that


Is Life!



God only knows as to why

            It happened like this?

So suddenly, yet firmly

            You planted a kiss!

On my parched lips,

With the luscious tips;

Of your tongue, and

I fail to understand;

My fickle mindedness,

For giving you the access;

To violate my privacy.

Giving me inexplicable ecstasy!

God only knows why

It happened like this!

To every separate person a thing is what he thinks it is – in other words, not a thing, but a think.

Penelope Fitzgerald


December 17, 1916: English writer Penelope Fitzgerald won the Booker Prize for Offshore, a novel about a community of misfits who live on houseboats in Battersea. She wrote from experience, having lived on a leaky houseboat that sank at least once.

To every separ…