As per news headlines 1984 riot victims stopped trains in Punjab yesterday. Our all powerful police under the most efficient DGP failed to do an iota to relieve the commuters from this new form of terrorism. It has become a fashion these days to seek easy targets in the poor railway passengers who have planned their urgent journeys months ahead. And no government worth its salt has ever tried to protect the law abiding citizens from this highhandedness who have nothing to do with the acquittal of any Bastard anywhere. A question needs to asked of the organizers as to why they are harassing old and young, needy, sick alike and for what purpose. Let me assure you that their curses would take justice still away from you. ….I am worried at total lackadaisical attitude of all stake holders including the intelligentsia  and the other organs of the civil society. IF THERE IS ANY SIN, IT IS HARASSING THE INNOCENTS FOR NO FAULT OF THEIRS! WILL ANY BODY RAISE HIS VOICE AGAINST THIS TERRORISM?


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