Self Analysis

I have always thought that I have a very adequate self esteem and my confidence level is reasonable. Mostly, I have never felt overawed with the personality of the person in front and have handled the situations resonably competently. As a consequence, starting from an aided school. I grduated from one of the best colleges in Delhi, namely Hindu College and earned a gold Medal in post graduation. I joined the best bank of the country (SBI) as probationary Officer in 1979 and took voluntary retirement as Chief Manager (in 2007)…an Achievement which could have been better but , keeping all factors in view,I was content with that.

It is after about five years of my taking VRS that I felt my self-esteem slipping from under my feet. There have been many occasions when I felt that actually I have always suffered from inferiority complex. I have tried to examine the issue from all angles but have felt satisfied with my overall performance. Yet there are occasions when I start comparing myself with others and feel a little demoralised. I have a reasonable knowledge of psychological aspects of human behavior and have been taking sessions on Life Skills fairly competently, yet I have failed to pin point the reason for my self-doubts.


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