Indian Justice Sense —–Pathetic

The recent Supreme court judgement in Davinderpal Singh Bhullar’s case should make the Human Right activists stand up and get ready to be counted. Leaving apart the judgement, just read this observation: “It is paradoxical that people who do not show any mercy or compassion for others plead for mercy. TERRORISTS DON’T DESERVE MERCY AS THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIVES”…..This is a sweeping statement addressed to please THE gallery and aimed at getting some much awaited clapping from the people who are easily moved by parochial considerations rather than justice per se. Coming from Supreme Court this sets a bad “legitimate” precedent for the Police, who are in any case trigger happy, to liquidate “terrorists” ultra-legally. There was no need for this observation on the part of “MY LORDS”. They should have simply answered the question asked of them. The Society in which the highest judicial forum is willing to deny HUMAN RIGHTS to a particular set of people is certainly sick!


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